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Matouwang (Dalian) Information Technology Co., Ltd. is Columbus (Holdings) Corporation subsidiary, was established in June 2011, the terminal network is committed to providing complete information management platform (PMS) and e-commerce and financial ship shipping companies solutions to businesses around the country and shipping 4,000,000 2,800,000 (Note: where 800,000 merchant, fishing 2000000) vessels to provide integrated services. Pier network known as the shipping industry, "Ali Baba." Currently Matouwang has gradually set up in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Tianjin, Xiamen and other branches, and set up crew services division, spare parts materials division, Logistics booking Division, Marine Engineering Division, Division, and other ship management platform department.

Matouwang was "well-known Chinese shipping electricity supplier brand" and "brand Chinese shipping Innovation of the Year" two awards in the 2014 third brand influence, respect Award ceremony. In the same year, the Matouwang management platform also has PMS ship by China Classification Society (CCS) certification, is currently the only third-party e-commerce platform award.

Through the most advanced B / S model to ship information management as the center, to provide ship maintenance management, spares materials management, maritime safety management, personnel management and other integrated services, improve management efficiency for the shipping business, and standardize management, guarantee safety of navigation, provides a new way of thinking and comprehensive system solutions in risk control.

The electricity supplier of the Matouwang, there are two models, one is the Matouwang of raw material supermarket, purchase convenient and quick, like a hot pot shop of a single sample, a single purchase, you can buy a one-stop shop for all materials. Than the traditional offer 20%~25%, known as the shipping of the Jingdong mall". Another is the shipping market, one-stop integrated spare parts trading port, ship sale, lease shipping services, logistics booking, ship repair, shipping talent recruitment needs and resources, solve the shipping supply and demand information asymmetry and transaction integrity issues, reduce the cost of the ship transporting camp.

Hard power has been among our incoming world, many deep-water port harbor strength, the number of the world's biggest shipbuilding, but our shipping soft power is very low, closed and backward shipping companies are still using the traditional model of sailing, much-needed modernization was convenient networking model and its electricity supplier standards. Matouwang mission in the shoulder, certainly make every effort to ship waiter, shipping efficiency platform.

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